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Who we are...

With a combined 18 years experience in web and e-commerce development, traditional creative print and advertising design, Signals Creative offers you a team focused on execution and your budget, not ours.

Greg Robinson and Jeff Dashley have worked together for more than 9 years and in that time have been responsible for countless web development and e-commerce projects. Both have extensive backgrounds in working for entrepreneurial businesses and now these partners bring that well qualified experience to Signals Creative.

Conceived in the idea that nothing hurts a business more than a poorly executed, sub-standard presentation, Greg and Jeff offer a creative services system that will bring added value to your small business effort. A great business is based on delivering what you promise but that same business grows faster with a high quality image representing the best they have to offer.

Signals Creative is at your service and we look forward to being a part of your success.

Greg Robinson: "Time and again we have encountered small business web designs that did a great disservice to the actual business. We knew these businesses were better than that and we began to look at how we could bring affordable creative design to the small business owner. Jeff and I have lived those days in a small business owner´s life where a first class effort was called for but the resources and, more importantly, the budget didn´t allow for using a premium web development or advertising company."

Jeff Dashley: "Our budget and resources were often limited to an hour or less to produce graphics for an online sale or maybe an at the most an entire day if we were given a rush project to design and deliver a postcard mailing for our customers. Since we competed for our customers on national basis, our work had to match up to the best in our business. That made us learn and practice our talents in a very efficient manner."


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